Thursday, 3 February 2011


Issue: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Convener(s): Alison Goldie

Participants: Chris Rowland, Dodger Phillips, Elizabeth Johnson, Alexandra Kiossa, David Cottis, Chris Grady, Maiken Bruun-Aamodt and others

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

I called the group in response to a jaded feeling I had (temporarily) experienced on Day 1 when I had bumble bee-d around the sessions and felt tired of all the practical topics being discussed. I felt old and tired and burdened with all the knowledge of my 50 years on the planet, and thought ‘I want to hear some stuff I don’t know’.

So – our group contributed facts, personal information, jokes and some secrets. Someone told a couple of excellent jokes about actors, we learnt about an obscure ‘uncivilised’ tribe in Columbia, the way that a certain people in the Antarctic hunt for mussels under an icy sea, about how a couple of saints were tortured, about someone’s pet jackdaw, about a fancy dress party with the theme of ‘The Shadow Side’, and a new phenomenon whereby girls gather for nights in with a psychologist present, about the job of testing products by destroying them, about Cuddle Parties, how someone wants ‘to breast-feed their demons’ and we learnt who present could play a musical instrument, who had a pet and who had slept with a famous person, and we learnt that accordions are responsible for destroying folk music in Scandinavia.

Rather marvellous, all round.

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